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In this three part series by Dr. Paul M. Elliott, we learn specific details of our new life as adopted sons of God.

Part 1 ~ What does it mean to be adopted by God? 

“Adoption is a legal act of God on our behalf, in the same way as justification. Justification is legal language in Scripture. We stand before the judgment bar of God as hopeless sinners, condemned to death, with nothing to offer for our own redemption. But Christ comes and stands before His Father at the judgment bar, and offers His perfect righteousness – His full atonement for our sins and His perfect keeping of God’s law – as our substitute. And so God the Father declares us not guilty. “

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Part 2 ~ New Privileges, New Relationships, New Responsibilities.

” Because of what Christ has done, God the condemning Judge is now God our loving Father. […]  …[B]ecause of adoption we have a new relationship with God the Son. Not only is He our Savior, the One who paid for our justification, but He is now also our Brother.  […] The Holy Spirit indwells every believer. He comes and brings us to spiritual life by the work of calling us and regenerating us, and He takes up residence within us.”

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Part 3 ~ New Citizenship, New Bodies, A Secure Inheritance.

“The father’s property was his by right of adoption. And that is true for us. We have an inheritance. Our inheritance is our Father’s property — all the riches that are in Christ Jesus. The spiritual riches of life in Him now, and the riches of the new heavens and new earth in the life to come. “

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Dr. Paul M. Elliott is founder and president of Teaching The Word Ministries.

There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.
The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him,
The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and might,
The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.

His delight is in the fear of the LORD,
And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes,
Nor decide by the hearing of His ears;
But with Righteousness He shall judge the poor,
And decide with equity for the meek of the earth;
He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth,
And with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked.
Righteousness shall be the belt of His loins,
And faithfulness the belt of His waist.   


“Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity–and cleanse me from my sin!” 
Psalm 51:2

Sin is spiritual filthiness.

Sin . . .
defiles the conscience,
corrupts the imagination,
depraves the heart,
perverts the will,
pollutes the mind,
sets the tongue on fire by hell,
stains the life, and
renders the man totally and eternally unfit for Heaven!

It is God’s work to cleanse a sinner. No one else can. The sinner cannot cleanse himself–he is without the means, the will, or the power! But God in mercy does, and He does it . . .
by His Son, atoning;
by His Spirit, renewing;
by His Providence, working;
and by His Truth, purifying.

The passage contains the believer’s prayer:
Wash me.”
“Wash me thoroughly.” 
It is from “my iniquity–my sin.”

Wash me, for . . .
I have discovered my filthiness;
I loathe myself on account of it;
and I long to be delivered from it!

Wash me thoroughly:
take out every stain,
erase every impression,
make me whiter than snow!

Sin always pollutes and defiles. A believer cannot rest in pollution, and therefore prays, “Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity–and cleanse me from my sin!”

~James Smith, “Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household”

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We will never be worthy of heaven or of His love.  That sense of self-worth that so many Christian leaders, deceived by Christian psychology, are attempting to foster among the redeemed, would ruin heaven by turning some of the attention and glory from God and the Lamb to ourselves.  We will always be creatures and He the Creator; we will always be sinners saved by grace and bought with His blood, and He will ever be our glorious Savior.  Because His infinite love for us has filled us with love for Him, our passion for eternity will ever be to see Him exalted and praised and to love Him with all the capacity He supplies.  His eternal joy will be to bless us with Himself.  Such will be the wonder and ecstasy of heaven. 

God desires to have us in His presence even more than we could ever desire to be there.  He loves us with a love that will never let us go.  And because He has captured our affection, we will be eternally bound by love to Him–a love that not only flows to us from God, but which our redeemed hearts will return to Him with a purity and heavenly joy that will be to His eternal glory. 

–excerpt from An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith – by Dave Hunt



Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.   Revelation 22:12
Will you qualify for a reward on Judgment Day?


Christians are not judged on their good or bad earthly deeds, as far as salvation is concerned, but they are judged on their works for potential rewards from Jesus on Judgment Day. There are at least five rewards available to believers:
1)The Crown of Life — James 1:12 (martyred for your faith).

2) The Wreath Imperishable — I Cor. 9:24-27 (maturity in your faith).

3) The Crown of Exultation — I Thess. 2:19, 20 (for actively witnessing to others about Jesus).

4) The Crown of Righteousness — II Tim. 4:5-8 (longing and watching for the 2nd Coming).

5) The Crown of Glory — I Pet. 5:2-4 (Pastors).

When believers ultimately get to heaven, we will understand how great a price Jesus paid on the cross to purchase our salvation. And there will undoubtedly be great embarrassment and shame for those who lived their entire lives for earthly things and have no eternal rewards to lay in appreciation at Christ’s feet.

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autumn_trailAs I wander the web, I often discover sites that are especially interesting to me.  Today I’d like to share a few of these with you.  Grab your coffee or tea, find a comfy chair and let’s take a ‘walk’ together.

First we will visit Judy sitting on The Simple Front Porch.  She lovingly reminds us of how women of Christ can find luxury in our lives everyday.  Thank you, Judy!  What a breath of fresh air!

Let’s meander by Generation Cedar where Kelly edifies with perfect promises of God.  May you be blessed by these Truths!

Now that we have been refreshed, shall we consider a challenging topic?  Have you heard the term ‘modalism‘?  I am sure you know the word ‘Trinity’.  Well,  Polycarp, over in the blog of The Church of Jesus Christ discusses the difference between the two with an Irish Anglican priest.  Absolutely fascinating!

Thank you for wandering with me today.  I would love to know your thoughts. 

May “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.” 

(Romans 16: 24)