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autumn_trailAs I wander the web, I often discover sites that are especially interesting to me.  Today I’d like to share a few of these with you.  Grab your coffee or tea, find a comfy chair and let’s take a ‘walk’ together.

First we will visit Judy sitting on The Simple Front Porch.  She lovingly reminds us of how women of Christ can find luxury in our lives everyday.  Thank you, Judy!  What a breath of fresh air!

Let’s meander by Generation Cedar where Kelly edifies with perfect promises of God.  May you be blessed by these Truths!

Now that we have been refreshed, shall we consider a challenging topic?  Have you heard the term ‘modalism‘?  I am sure you know the word ‘Trinity’.  Well,  Polycarp, over in the blog of The Church of Jesus Christ discusses the difference between the two with an Irish Anglican priest.  Absolutely fascinating!

Thank you for wandering with me today.  I would love to know your thoughts. 

May “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.” 

(Romans 16: 24)