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meditating on ~
“…be imitators of God as dear children.” ¬†Ephesians 5:1

remembering ~
a fun evening with friends

beyond the front porch ~
the puppy barking to come inside ~ a balmy, spring-like morning ~ blooming snowdrops

from the garden~
wooden pallets ready to start composting area ~ pea seeds for planting

around the kitchen~
leftover blackberry cobbler ~ bread baking day

school notes~
algebra 1 finished!

currently reading~
the latest ‘Living’ magazine looking for gardening tips

lessons learned from the Labs~
free toys can be found in the woods

at the morning watch~
Rob Bell’s new book comes out next month. ¬†Does he believe that Hell is empty?

thinking about the week ahead~
parlor clean-up ~ errands Tuesday ~ an entire week with my husband not on travel

one of my favorite things~
playing games with my family

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