a verse from Scripture~
“Don’t work only while being watched, in order to please men, but as slaves of Christ, do God’s will from the heart.”  Galatians 6:6

lots of basketball ~ working in the garden ~ sweet worship of Jesus

a view beyond the front porch~
Forsythia in bloom ~ spring peepers ~ cheerful Daffodils

from the garden~
spinach planted ~ more fence mending 

around the kitchen~
baked ziti ~ blueberry muffins ~ dirty dishes to wash

school notes~
SAT sign-up ~ spring break for daughter ~ finish driver’s ed ~ some home economics

currently reading~
Sunday’s newspaper

lessons learned from the Labs~
Will work for treats!

at the morning watch~
Reversed Thinking

thinking about the week ahead~
news glasses ordered ~ Mom’s apartment readied ~ new gutters for the house ~ some spring cleaning ~ a train trip to Florida

one of my favorite things~
family gatherings on the front porch

<><    <><     <><     <><     <><     <><     <><    <><    <><    <><    <><

Go serve your King!