a verse from Scripture~
“…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…”
Joshua 24:15

skiing in Vermont with friends * basketball games * exhortation to forgive from Sunday’s sermon

a view beyond the front porch~
a smattering of icy snow and a grey morning

from the garden~
a mended fence * brush clean up

around the kitchen~
neglected counter tops *  meals to be planned

school notes~
back to work after a week off

currently reading~
John MacArthur’s Slave * Zechariah

lessons learned from the Labs~
curling up in front of a fire makes for a lovely nap

at the morning watch~
the Rickster is a bit unhappy with those who warn about his teachings (link)

thinking about the week ahead~
finish unpacking * laundry * general cleaning so I can begin redecorating the classroom

one of my favorite things~
reading Judy’s thoughts on simple front porch (-;


Have a blessed week!