For those of you whose first day of school is today, here’s some new book titles…

“Walking To School The First Day Back” by Misty Bus

“What I Dislike About Returning To School” by Mona Lott

“The Day the Car Pool Forgot Me” by I. Rhoda Bike

“How to Join MENSA” by Gene Yuss

“Can’t See the Chalkboard” by Sidney Backrow

“Using Webster’s for Term Papers” by Dick Shunnary

“Practical Jokes I Played On the First Day Of School” by Major Crackupp

“Be the Teacher’s Pet” by I. Wanda Know

“Making It Through the First Week Of School” by Gladys Saturday

“Is Life Over When Summer Ends?” by Midas Welbee

“What I Love About Returning To School” by I.M. Kidding

“Will Jimmy Finally Graduate?” by Betty Wont

“What Happens When You Get Caught Skipping School” by U. Will Gettitt

 “I Love Math Class” by Adam Up


HT:  GrifNet