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For today ~ April 20, 2010

Outside my window ~ a brightening morning with birds singing.

Around the house ~ coffe pot cycling * school books on the table * dishes to put away

I am thankful for ~ quiet time in the morning to study Scripture and pray

I am hearing ~ alarm clocks going off upstairs

Pondering this thought ~ “Why among Christians is there not as great an outcry opposing false gospels that destroy life for eternity as there is against the destruction of life in abortion?”  –Mike Gendron

From the kitchen ~ lots of beef recipes (we just bought 1/3 of a cow) * make-your-own-cake mix * herbed pork roast * BBQ sandwiches with left-over pork roast

I am going ~ to homeschool co-op * riding lessons * finish laundry * book a few more campsites for camping trip

Currently reading ~ Death of a Guru by Rabi R. Maharaj–It’s about a devout Hindu who is raised to be a Brahman priest but is converted to Christianity.

From the garden ~ cabbage & garlic from last fall is growing beautifully * corn, cukes, beans, cantaloupe, zuchinni, tomatoes, peppers, spinach all in and sprouting * second batch of corn, okra & yellow squash need planting * electrical fencing half-way completed     :^)

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ errands in town * homeschool mom’s social * appointment for portraits of kids 

Hoping that ~ Hubby can take some time off this week to finish up a few chores at home before we head out on our camping trip.

I am remembering ~ lots of yardwork  * family gatherings on the front porch * a lovely dinner with a young couple who may move into the area

From my photo journal ~ my first lilac blooms of the year



Grace & peace!