Dave Hunt’s new book, Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny, has been the topic of the Berean Call’s last two newsletters.  Dave tells us that his newest book,

“…begins with a brief look at the vastness of the universe.  Even if we could build space vehicles that might travel at the speed of light, it would take 100,000 years to cross The Milky Way, our relatively small galaxy, and billions of years to reach the trillions of galaxies beyond.  These facts show how foolish is man’s dream of ‘space exploration.'” 

In the January newsletter, he shares this poignant story of a man,

“…preaching on Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in London, England, who in his sermon said that anyone who didn’t believe in God was a fool.  A man in the crowd of listeners shouted out, “I’m an atheist.  If you can’t prove that I’m a fool, I’ll publish it in the papers and we’ll run you out of town!”
     “You really don’t believe in God?”
     “You bet I don’t!  I’ve been fighting against God all my life!”
     “Tell me,”  replied the preacher,  “if a man who spends his life fighting against someone who doesn’t exist isn’t a fool, then who is?”

You can read part 1 here.

In the February newsletter, Hunt continues his preview by turning

“…to the equal folly of man’s efforts to find an evolutionary link between himself and lower creatures.  Evolutionists have been digging desperately to find a physical link but to no avail.” 

He continues by positing,

“Atheism and its corollary, materialism, are speechless when asked to account for the human qualities that we all value so highly and that distinguish us from all other creatures: the appreciation of music and poetry, the enjoyment of beauty in nature (in which even Dawkins exults), the ability to form conceptual ideas and express them in words, to understand mathematics in relation to the universe to use the imagination as do architects and engineers, or to feel and express a love that is so clearly unique to humans.  We all know that animals do not share these qualities and capabilities with us.  lesser creatures possess none of these purely human characteristics that we value so highly, nor can these capabilities be explained by natural selection or evolution.  We owe nothing to these allegedly scientifically proven processes for our moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities.” 

By quoting noted professors and scientists, Hunt offers significant questions to evolutionist such as the problem of origins and the ‘complexity and acuity’ of the eyes of ‘later anthropods’ compared to humans’.  Fascinating stuff, indeed!

You can read part 2 here.

Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny is due to be released later this year.   Sounds like it will be an interesting read!