As home makers we play a vital role in the environment we create.  Our primary goal should be to glorify God; secondary to that is to please our husbands, children and friends.   So it is with this in mind that I embark on a new category: Home & Garden.  

In my effort to encourage other Christian women, I would like to begin this new category with the notion to share some of our favorite recipes, gardening tips and decorating ideas. 

My first task is a visit to the garden.  This is the first year I have had a successful garden largely due to the fact that my loving hubby put an electric fence around it to keep the critters out.  Now that it is fall, however, I am not using all the beds and am interested in how to prepare the unused beds for the winter.   I have mixed in a bit of manure to them, but…

             Should I plant a winter wheat or rye? 

                         Should I mulch?  If so, what kind?

                                Do I have to do anything at all?

Any suggestions, Friends?