It has been about three years now since my husband and I decided to leave our church home.  We did not plan to home church for this long; however, that is the case despite our understanding of the Scripture that commands Christians to not forsake the fellowship of other believers.

The reasons we left are many and varied, but most of all we left because the focus of this church was man-centered in its understanding of what ‘church’ should be.  The pastor told me that people did not come to church to hear about the blood atonement of Christ or to listen to a teaching on His deity.  He went on to explain that people came to church to learn how to live in this world as Christians; how to get along with their neighbors and co-workers.  I was shocked! 

The reason we have not joined another fellowship is because most of the churches in our community are just different versions of our previous church.  They have bought the lie of Satan that man has a choice in deciding how to worship or how His Church should operate in this world.  Just some of the man-centered offerings around here are: contemporary worship styles,  pop-culture Bible studies, seeker-sensitive invitations, youth groups and Sunday school which separate families. 

Recently, a newcomer to our community was sharing with me what she and her husband were looking for when they searched for a church.  She expressed a desire to find a church that was ‘safe for her children’.  After pondering her words, I began to think that this is certainly why we have NOT joined any other church locally.  This is exactly why we do not attend seeker-sensitive syle fellowships or fundamental KJV-only churches. 

In Deuteronomy chapter 6, God charges fathers to teach their children about who God is, what He has done, what He will do, what laws He has given us.  He goes on to say when we are to do this teaching all throughout the day.  These verses do not give much wiggle-room for interpretation. 

In Acts chapter 2 verse 42, we find the New Testament Church gathering for Scripture study, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer.  How we interpret these verses today obviously can be different to many people-a little more wiggle room.  However, we must not forget the command of Deuteronomy 6. 

Finding a local congregation that is sincere in their efforts to honor God’s will concerning worship and fellowship has been a challenge,  so for now we continue to have home church and are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Word.