Autumn%20Leaves%20640October brings with it many changes.  Along with the delightful weather, I look forward to Mike Gendron’s quarterly publication called ‘Proclaiming the Gospel’.    This newsletter’s main article is on repentance. which has been addressed on a previous post.   May you be blessed by his article:  The Role of Repentance in the Salvation of Sinners.

I recently found an excellent resource for Bible study.  Precept Austin is a web ministry that has a plethora of information!  From commentaries to charts and hymns to maps, this site has anything you could possibly need to aid you in your study.  Here’s the link:

This past January I started studying the book of Daniel.  I used Dr. John Walvoord’s commentary as my guide.  It took me over eight months to finish, however, it was a thorough study.  One of the aspects of Dr. Walvoord’s teaching that I truly appreciate is the fact that he includes interpretations from others that differ from his, while offering reasons why he disagrees with biblical support for his view.  Very insightful.  Here’s the link to that series:

Lastly, may I suggest you spend some quality time reading the latest from the Berean Call.  Dave Hunt and T.A. MacMahon consistently point us to the truth of Scripture.  Here’s their latest offering:

Have a blessed weekend!