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For today…September 21, 2009

Right now…I’m enjoying a few quiet moments before my day begins.

I am hearing…the pitter-patter of socked feet coming down the stairs * someone in the shower * birds singing outside

I am thinking…of buying running shoes for my son * about the cleaning jobs that need to be done this week * what meals to plan

I am remembering…a lovely evening away with my husband and friends * a busy weekend of errands & chores

I am thankful for…my many blessings * a hard-working husband and children * having my mother-in-law with us for a visit * new furniture * clean siding on the house

From the garden…radishes * smaller okra harvests * pea shoots * cauliflower & cabbages growing nicely

From the school room… finishing up another six-week session and looking forward to a week off!

I am pondering…paint colors for great room and kitchen * sofa choices * carpet ideas * a diminishing decorating budget!

Around the house…a sparkling clean front porch and siding * furniture boxes crowding the dining room * miscellaneous  tools on the sidebar * smoker that needs cleaning

From the kitchen…menu planning for the week * leftover smoked ribs * something with scallops

One of my favorite things…visiting with my sister-in-law and her family!

A few plans for the rest of the week…organizing guest room and playroom * tidying mudroom * food prep for company this weekend

A poignant quote…”Living in a culture where violent persecution is almost unknown, multitudes who call themselves Christians seem to have forgotten what faithfulness to the truth often costs…faithfulness to the truth is always costly in some way or another (2Timothy3:12), and that is precisely why Jesus insisted that anyone who wants to be His diesciple must be willing to take up a cross (Luke9:23-26).   Truth War p. xiv by John MacArthur

Some postmodern humor



May the Lord Jesus lead you into His Truth!