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For today…August 17, 2009

From my comfy chair…a hot, summer day dawning * puffy, white clouds dot a bright, blue sky.

I am hearing…blessed silence

I am thankful for…family vacations * fellowship with friends * getting back into normal routines

I am remembering…new, baby cousins * long, boat cruises around the lake * picking berries in Papa’s garden * fun, family dinners * tubing with the kids * traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike-yuck! * cool, Maine mornings on the porch with coffee and conversation * baby loons

Around the house…suitcases to unpack * a messy house to clean * mail to sort * the dog stretched out in peaceful slumber

I am hoping…to get back into my exercise routine * my father-in-law’s heart surgery to be successful * to accomplish lots of chores today

From the learning rooms…back to lessons for another six weeks * a new logic curriculum * organizing supplies & ordering books

From the garden…vine-ripe tomatoes * sweet cantaloupes * prepping soil for fall crops * shed painting

A few plans for the rest of the week…homeschool co-op meeting * haircut * lots of catch-up chores

One of my favorite things…impromptu pizza dinners with friends

Some GrifNet humor… Surgery–a friend was recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appeared and asked him how he was feeling. “I’m O.K. but I didn’t like my doctor using four-letter words during surgery,” he answered.

“Oh, my, what did he say?” asked the nurse.


Here’s a picture of the lake in Maine we enjoy

Clearwater lake dock

Have a blessed week!