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July 20, 2009

Outside my window…a still, gray morning dawning. I hope it brings much needed rain.

I am hearing…my son singing as he fixes a bowl of cereal * the whirr of my laptop * birds chirping

I am remembering…a family trip to shop for furniture * two days of painting the garden shed * an early morning race for husband & daughter * yummy, smoked pork roast & turkey breast for our Sunday dinner

I am thankful for…more blessings that I can count * my hard-working family * a loving husband * our unusually pleasant summer * God’s faithfulness

From the kitchen…blackberry syrup * blackberry shrub * blackberry cobbler * blackberry cordial * zucchini casserole * zucchini bread * zucchini to give away * (Can you tell what we’ve had an abundance of lately?)

I am reading…a couple of articles about Bill Gothard.  A number of my friends are deeply involved in his ministries and it’s been a few years since I researched him, so I’m reviewing in order to ‘speak the truth in love.’

From the learning rooms…finishing up some classes before the end of summer * lots of math, biology, writing projects * lesson plans

From the garden…bush beans seem to be done.  Considering what to plant behind them. * First corn harvest–yums! * baby cantaloupes & okra * tomatoes starting to ripen * just enough cucumbers to enjoy with a meal

Around the house…lots of clutter considering we’ve worked outside all weekend/summer * stacks of filing * books to shelve * laundry to sort & wash

A few plans for the rest of the week…pediatrician appointment for daughter * last dual-swim meet tonight * leave for Florida on Wednesday for a quick visit with mom

One of my favorite things…home-grown veggie salad–tomato, cucumber, onion with Italian dressing.  Crisp & refreshing!

A question to consider…What role does the Law play in the Gospel considering Jesus came to fulfill it?  (Matt. 5:17)

A ‘Sacred Sandwich VBS Spoof…

VBS Spoof


Have a marvelous week!


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