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For today…July 13, 2009

From my chair…a totally different view in our re-arranged living room. * I’m not sure I like it because I no longer face the windows where I can look out and see the sky and trees. 

Outside my window…a gray, still morning * birds waking up

I am hearing…my puppy, breathing softly as she sleeps * the whir of the ceiling fan * the coffee pot cycling * a blessed, peaceful morning after a busy weekend * my son playing with his Playmobil soldiers.

Around the house…jars of zucchini relish * basket of cukes, beans & more zucchini to process * organized clutter here & there to put away

I am thankful for…my health & that of my family * a lovely chat with my sister-in-law * the flexibity that homeschooling affords * the cool temperatures we’ve enjoyed lately

I am remembering…a busy weekend of canning, gardening, working on the shed * a lovely dinner with my husband * early-morning coffee on the front porch * hard-working children * making plans for a trip to Florida to check on my mom

I am readingTruth War by John MacArthur * What Love is This? by Dave Hunt

One of my favorite things…finishing projects. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…returning library books * swim practice & a meet on Wednesday * berry picking with friends * a trip to town for fabrics/notions, new swim goggles & other ‘necessities’ * playdate for son * eliminating all the piles of clutter

Some humor in honor of John Calvin’s 500th birthday…How many Calvinists does it take to change a lightbulb?   None.  Lights will go on and off at predestined times.  (from Grif.Net)

A picture thought to share…our beloved Sam, who recently passed away.



Hope you have a lovely week!


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