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For today…June 1, 2009

Outside my window…a lovely, cool, sunny morning. * Birds are singing and a slight breeze is blowing.

I am hearing…my son getting his breakfast.

Around the house…coolers, clothing and others remnants from the weekend’s camping trip * a baby box turtle sleeping under the warm light of his new home. * lots of clutter.

I am thankful for…the start of a new day which promises Grace from the Lord, which I need moment by moment * friends who lovingly exhort  * weekends away.

I am remembering…the sound of rain on the camper in the middle of the night * relaxing visits with friends at a beautiful state park * heartwrenching issues concerning my daughter and a ‘friend’ * difficult conversations * huge snapping turtles laying eggs in my gardens * my children enjoying colonial dancing * finding sharks teeth at the beach * watching the dog enjoying the water.

I am hoping…to accomplish many things today * for guidance from the Holy Spirit in all aspects of my life * for more hours to be added to the day  🙂

I am attempting to create…a clean & tidy house. 

I am readingThe Backyard Homestead, finishing up Hitler’s Cross and hoping to start John MacArthur’s Truth War.  (With my husband on travel for half the week, I might actually get some time to read!)

A few plans for the rest of the week…lots of cleaning * pricing my curriculum to sell at the homeschool convention * pulling weeds * making a cucumber trellis.

One of my favorite things…sitting around the campsite with good friends studying/discussing Scripture and life.  What a blessing!

 A question to consider…How do we know if the peace we feel is from the Lord?  (1 Corinthians 14:33)

A picture thought to share…a snapping turtle similar to the ones that decided to make my garden their nesting site. 



Have a marvelous week!