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For today…April 27, 2009

Outside my window
a new day dawning * birds singing * a spring peeper close by * white dogwoods in full bloom

I am hearing
a quiet house

I am thankful for
comforting routine * traveling mercies * God’s healing and strength for my husband * two completed garden beds to plant veggies

Around the house
stacks of mail * plants needing repotting and located outside for the season * laundry to sort * suitcases to unpack * lots of dust bunnies to eradicate

I am remembering
an extra-long drive home * a 4H day for kids * a tough race for my sick husband * chatting with friends * working in the gardens with my family * enjoying our front porch * planning summer camping trips

From the learning rooms
the start of a new six-week period * incorporating a new ‘Picturing American’ curriculum * figuring out a microscope * Minor Prophets * A Tale of Two Cities * final two weeks of homeschooling co-op

I am creating
plans for an exercise program * placemat purses * hanging basket arrangements * clutter-free front porch

One of my favorite things
weekends spent at home working on projects with family

A few plans for the rest of the week
dentist appointment today * ‘up-do’ hair appointment for daughter * ordering science supplies for biology curriculum * LOTS of house cleaning after being away for a month!

A Scripture passage on which to meditate
Jesus said to them [the Pharisees],  Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”  (John 8:58)

A picture thought to share…a little ‘kink’ in our gardening plans!



May you have a blessed week!