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For today…April 20, 2009

Outside the kitchen window
a still, cool morning with a hint of welcomed rain in the air.

I am hearing
the birds singing * the coffee pot * the whirr of the refrigerator

I am remembering
the tears of a pastor as he recounted a memory of the Lord teaching him about the resurrection * lots of 9 year old girls enjoying horseback riding * kind words from a neighbor * a hard-working mother * long phone conversations with my husband

I am thankful for
God’s grace and mercy during difficult times * 8 hours of sleep

I am hoping
for safe travels for my husband who is flying to Arizona today.  He is struggling with a spring cold and is exhausted from carrying the load of two people at home.

From the learning rooms
life lessons in godly character * reflecting the Grace of God to others 

Around the house
packed suitcases * stacks of files * bills to mail * dirty sneakers * sleeping dogs * hand-me-down stuff from my dad

One of my favorite things
singing songs of praise to Christ Jesus

A few plans for the rest of the week…lunch with my aunt & cousin today * dropping off children with Grandma * clothing donations to church ministry * finalizing issues with my dad’s estate * alone time with my mom before heading home

My prayer for today
that the Lord will open the eyes of His people to the deception in the church today. 

A picture thought to share
the beauty of God’s Creation.



May the Lord bless you with His Joy this week.