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For today…April 12, 2009

Outside my window…a sunny spring morning

I am hearing…a bird chirping * the washing machine * the silence of my children studying * silly dogs barking at strange noises that only they can hear

I am thankful for…a Christ-centered worship service where the Gospel was clearly taught * a family barbecue in the afternoon * seeing friends * opportunities to be a blessing to my family

From the kitchen…left over brats, baked beans & potato salad for lunch * ham/corn chowder * hopefully some fried shrimp this week

I am hoping…to go home next week * that my children can visit with their other grandmother before we leave * to see my cousin soon * my mother will quickly adjust to life without her husband

I am reading…discernment blogs * Reader’s Digest * Bob DeWaay’s Critical Issues Commentary

Around the house…beautiful Easter Lilies whose fragrance fills the dining room * my son’s sneakers, hat, flip-flops * the newspaper * my daughter’s latest sewing project * two sleepy dogs lying by my feet

One of my favorite things…spring time flowers

A few plans for the rest of the week…clean my dad’s closet * mailing a care package to my husband * make plans with a friend for lunch * family yard sale

A worthy quote to share…“The atoning death of Christ, and that alone, has presented sinners as righteous in God’s sight; the Lord Jesus has paid the full penalty of their sins, and clothed them with His perfect righteousness before the judgment seat of God.

But Christ has done for Christians even far more than that. He has given to them not only a new and right relation to God, but a new life in God’s presence for evermore. He has saved them from the power as well as from the guilt of sin.

The New Testament does not end with the death of Christ; it does not end with the triumphant words of Jesus on the Cross, ‘It is finished.’ The death was followed by the resurrection, and the resurrection like the death was for our sakes.

Jesus rose from the dead into a new life of glory and power, and into that life He brings those for whom He died. The Christian, on the basis of Christ’s redeeming work, not only has died unto sin, but also lives unto God.”   —J. Gresham Machen, Christianity & Liberalism

A picture thought…the empty tomb.



Have a blessed week!