We will never be worthy of heaven or of His love.  That sense of self-worth that so many Christian leaders, deceived by Christian psychology, are attempting to foster among the redeemed, would ruin heaven by turning some of the attention and glory from God and the Lamb to ourselves.  We will always be creatures and He the Creator; we will always be sinners saved by grace and bought with His blood, and He will ever be our glorious Savior.  Because His infinite love for us has filled us with love for Him, our passion for eternity will ever be to see Him exalted and praised and to love Him with all the capacity He supplies.  His eternal joy will be to bless us with Himself.  Such will be the wonder and ecstasy of heaven. 

God desires to have us in His presence even more than we could ever desire to be there.  He loves us with a love that will never let us go.  And because He has captured our affection, we will be eternally bound by love to Him–a love that not only flows to us from God, but which our redeemed hearts will return to Him with a purity and heavenly joy that will be to His eternal glory. 

–excerpt from An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith – by Dave Hunt