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For today…March 23, 2009

Outside the kitchen window…daylight revealing a cloudy rainy morning.  I am in Florida, so it’s a mild 60 degrees.

I am thankful for…God’s traveling mercies on our drive down yesterday.  The flexibility to drop everything and come down.  Fervent prayers of family and friends. 

I am hearing…my son eating his morning cereal and smacking at its goodness.

I am hoping…to be a blessing to my mother and brothers.

I am creating…family dinner & lunch menus, a memorial service for my deceased father.

Around the my mom’s house…luggage, school books, and obnoxious dogs that bark at the slightest sound.

One of my favorite things…camellia plants in bloom,dinner with my family.

My prayer request…that the Lord would lead me to know what to say at my father’s memorial service.

A picture thought to share…camellia blooms.