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For today…February 23, 2009

Looking out my window…the first glimses of dawn.

I am hearing…my son wander back upstairs to put on warm clothes, the whirr of the fireplace heater, the dog yawning sleepily from her bed, Sam, the cat, giving himself his morning bath.

I am remembering…lots of basketball…an exciting team vs. parents game, one coach who was a positive example of how an adult should conduct themselves and one who clearly was not,  dinner with friends, some early spring cleaning.

I am thankful for…my husband leading us in family worship. 

Around the house…unusual tidyness for a Monday, house plants that are in need of some TLC, an assortment of coats hanging on the dining room chairs.

From the kitchen…lasagna made with venison and Italian sausage, grilled chicken, shrimp & rice, and an experiment in sourdough bread starter.

From the learning rooms…our last week of school before a week off!  Six weeks on/one week off is our usual schedule, but we worked an extra two weeks this time because of a planned ski trip.  We are all in need of a break from our busyness.

Plans for the rest of the week…no basketball practice which opens the door for quiet evenings at home!  🙂   An afternoon with a dear friend,  4H living history demonstrations, speech/debate classes at co-op, going through ski equipment to determine needs for growing children.

One of my favorite things…quiet reading time.

 On my prayer list…unbelieving family and friends, children’s friend who is currently in the hospital receiving treatments for brain cancer, a President in need of salvation, and a country ripe for deception.

Scripture on which to meditate…”…you [God] are indeed angry, for we have sinned–in these ways we continue; and we need to be saved.”  Isaiah 64:5

A picture thought I am sharing…results of my best efforts on the ski slope.