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For today…February 9, 2009

Outside my window…a bright, crisp, winter beginning to what promises to be a lovely day!  I am reminded that God’s mercies are new each morning.

Giving thanks for…a strong, loving husband, healthy children and a warm, comfortable home.  I am blessed beyond measure!

I am hearing…the low hum of the fireplace heater, my cat, Sam, sighing as he beds down for his morning nap, my son tucking his head under the blanket in his effort to hide from the inevitable, “It’s time to get the day started.”

I am remembering…my husband’s 4-miler on Saturday, family ping-pong games, lunch on the front porch, little boys playing sword fighting, adults controlled by their emotions while watching children play basketball.   😦

Around the house…remnants of a busy weekend… drill, hammer, extension cords, framed pictures,  all from an afternoon of wall decorating. 

From the kitchen…beef stir-fry, 5-grain bread experiment, and left-overs to clean out the refrigerator. 

I am hoping…for the another opportunity to visit my parents in Florida this spring.  My mother seems to be waning and she is the major care-taker of my invalid father.  Neither are Christians, so I pray that the Lord will grant them grace for more time to respond to the Gospel.

I am reading…Erin Lutzer’s Hilter’s Cross.  This book reveals ‘how the Cross of Christ was used as a symbol of the Nazi agenda.’  Lutzer writes how Christians were seduced into supporting this depot and hopes to warn us of the possibility of it happening again here in America.  

From the learning rooms…lessons plans for the rest of February–Rousseau’s The Social Contract with discussions of the development of governments, Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew and the discussion of magic in literature, the last module of physical science and speech/debate prep and of course, math.

A few plans for the week…bill paying, general house cleaning, gearing up for the start-up of many 4H activities, basketball practice, haircuts for everyone in the family, lots of time outdoors to enjoy the ‘global-warming’ in February.  Today’s forecast is sunny and 60 degrees!  🙂

A quote to ponder…”What clues were there in the history of Germany that prepared the country (and its churches) for such a mass seduction?  Could it happen again?  More to the point, is it happening now, even in America, albeit in a different way?”  Erwin Lutzer from Hitler’s Cross page. 12

An image to share…my kind of laundry!