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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Outside my window…gray daybreak, revealing a light dusting of snow.

I am thankful…for traveling mercies from the LORD.  Thirteen hours on the road provides ample opportunity for trouble, however, we had no problems.  Also for the longsuffering of God which allows for the Gospel to reach my unbelieving family members.

I am remembering…the blessings of lively family gatherings, long bike rides and yummy southern cooking!

I am studying…the Book of Daniel.  I am encouraged by the powerful faith exhibited by the young men who stood in opposition to false political/religious standards in Babylon.   Eerily similar to today!

From the learning rooms…regrouping after scattered schooling while away.

From the kitchen…fresh bread for the week and meal planning.

I am hoping…to get caught up after being away.  Thankfully, my fabulous husband washed clothes while I was gone, so laundry is not piled up!  🙂

Around the house…suitcases that need emptying, school books in bags to put away, coats hanging from dining room chairs, and a stack of mail to sort through.

One of my favorite things…talk radio.  I don’t receive a strong enough radio signal to get some of my favorite shows on my house radio, however, yesterday I was able to listen while driving home.  The current administration is providing quite a lot of material worthy of discussion!

A few plans for the week…getting back on schedule, grocery shopping, birthday & wedding anniversary gift shopping, basketball practices, booking lodging for a week of skiing, and spending lots of time with my husband after being away from him for a week!

A Bible questionwhat is the biblical definition of sin?  Obama defined sin as a something which deviates from his values.  

A picture thought to share…”Hello.  My name is Puppy Blogojevich.”