driving-95Fifteen and a half hours in a car gave me lots of time to think.  The first three hours were mostly silent due to the fact that the kids were working on completing their school lessons, so listening to the radio was not an option.  Later on, I had the opportunity to listen to some interesting talk radio which included an interview with Brannon Howse on economic issues in America.  Fascinating stuff!

Randomly, here are a few of my many thoughts…

…The day after we leave it snows enough back home to shut everything down.  Go figure!

…Bridges are incredible examples of man’s ingenuity.

…I truly am blessed to be able to pick up and drive to Florida to visit family.

…Some of the noise that people try to pass off as music is incredible.

…That last thought sounds like something my dad used to say to me when I was young.

…Rush Limbaugh is extremely arrogant and often crude yet I listen to him anyway.

…I still think Limbaugh has a firmer grasp on reality than journalists in the mainstream media.

…Brannon Howse talks really fast!

…Howse has an interesting perspective on the economic trouble that America is in.

…Cracker Barrel’s veggie plate is fabulous!  I had green beans, corn, fried okra, & hash brown casserole along with corn muffins! 

…I love Southern cooking!

…My 12 year-old son enjoys listening to Gordon Lightfoot’s music.  🙂

…Praise God for traveling mercies!