With the inauguration of our new President and the inevitable changes that are soon to take place, we must ask ourselves this important question:

Are you prepared to suffer?

Christians are going to be marginalized in ways that we have never experienced in our lifetimes.  Bills and laws will be put forth that fly in the face of what our nation has represented for hundreds of years.  We will be asked to allow our tax dollars to be spent on murder, tolerance and corruption.  How will you respond?

Mike Ratliff of Possessing the Treasure says,

“… is well known that there is coming a wave of liberalism from the US Government itself at a level that we have never imagined in this country. This “liberalism” will have teeth and will contain mandates, laws, executive orders, et cetera that will present to the Christian an obvious point of decision whether to obey them or obey God. They will be mutually exclusive. I wonder if most professing Christians in the US are ready for this.”    Source

Are you ready?  Will you be strong enough to stand for Truth?  Can you bring yourself to pray for our leaders? 

Please prayerfully consider reading this article.  Mike points to Scripture for our answers.