titusville-churchHaving been raised in a mainline, Protestant denomination, I was unfamiliar with what is today called, the sinner’s prayer.  After moving into our current community, my family began attending a large, Baptist church where each Sunday an ‘alter call’ was given.   Initially, I agreed with this practice, however, the Holy Spirit quickly opened my eyes to its lack of Scriptural support. 

In the most recent newsletter from Proclaiming the Gospel ministry, Mike Gendron addresses a question concerning this modern method of evangelism. 

The practice of leading someone in a sinner’s prayer for their salvation has produced many tares or false converts in churches over the last 100 years.  (Matthew 13:25-40).  This “evangelical tradition” cannot be found anywhere in the New Testament.  Those who desire to evangelize God’s way will follow the instructions given by the Lord of the Harvest.  He commissioned us to go and make disciples, not decisions (Matthew 28:18)  The way we make disciples is by teaching people what God’s Word says about us and about Him.  We must use the Bible to show guilty and condemned sinners why they need a Savior.  When the Holy Spirit has convicted them of their sin and coming judgment, they will probably ask a question similar to the one Philippian jailer asked Paul–“What must I do to be saved?”  Please note that Paul did not say,  “Repeat this prayer after me.”  Instead he said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved”  (Acts 16:31).  I encourage you to keep sowing the imperishable seed of God’s Word until it finds fertile soil and begins to grow.  (1 Peter 1:23). 


May the Lord bless our efforts and guide our methods.