Dear Compass,
I have a question regarding the future Jewish Temple. The recent Israeli/Arab negotiations for peace in the Middle East have included trading the Arab Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem for control of the Temple Mount, but excluding the area of the Dome of The Rock where the mosque sits. Why would Israel try to get control of the Temple Mount if it couldn’t build its temple in the proper place?


The Bible tells us that the Temple will be rebuilt prior to the Second Coming of Jesus. Today, Orthodox Jews want the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt so they can cleanse themselves. They know that to be pure, they can make their blood sacrifices only on one spot on the earth — where Abraham offered up Isaac on Mount Moriah. The first Jewish temple was built by Solomon on the exact spot, but later destroyed. The Second Jewish Temple was built on that spot and Jesus frequented it. But in 70 AD, it too was destroyed.In about 600 AD the Muslims built a mosque there, called the Dome of the Rock (or Mosque of Omar), that stands to this day, preventing any Jewish Temple to be built. In fact, that is why the Jews wail at the Wailing Wall. They have no temple to make sacrifices for their sins. In 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel captured the Temple Mount area but gave control back to the Arabs to try to diffuse the incredibly tense war/political situation. Orthodox Jews really wailed over that decision.

The Temple Mount area is very large, covering some 40 acres. There is tradition that the Ark of the Covenant, which housed the Ten Commandments, was hidden somewhere below the Temple Mount area by Solomon. There have also been some interesting engineering models by Jewish architects that indicate the Arab mosque may actually have been built to the north of the true site. One reason the Jews may want control of the Temple Mount is so they can excavate under it and know for sure where the correct site is, and maybe even find the original Ten Commandments. Of course, if that happens, it would just mean the world’s that much closer to seeing the two witnesses (Rev 11) who will pinpoint the exact location where the temple will be built…. and Rapture comes prior to the two witnesses!


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