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With the holiday season behind us, today’s blessing is to have a normal, simple Saturday.  All remnants of Christmas and New Year’s decorations have been tucked away for another year.  Old toys have been thrown out or donated making room for new ones.  And all goodies have been eaten or shared. 

Today, I look forward to chores that usually happen on a Saturday:  rooms dusted and vacuumed (although my vacuum is broken), laundry finished up for the week, and downtime for a family game, walk through the woods or a movie. 

Solomon’s wise words remind us that “to everything there is a season…”   The recent holiday season came with its ups and downs; questions about what and why we celebrate.  Solomon continues saying there “is a time for every purpose under heaven.”   (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

I have come to the conclusion that Christmas, despite its pagan origins and traditions, is a season with a ‘purpose’  that Christians can redeem by using the time to point to our God Incarnate in Christ Jesus.  Focusing on this simple truth will make next season much more enjoyable. 

May the LORD bless you with a Simple Saturday!