seductionofchristianity2A few years ago I read an extremely powerful book that God used to open my eyes to much of the dangers that have crept into the American church.  This book was originally written over 20 years ago so what the authors spoke about back then has clearly come to pass today!  I hightly recommend that you read this book.

Title:  Seduction of Christianity: Spiritual Discernment in the Last Days
Authors:  Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon
Published: 1985

I was originally introduced to Hunt and McMahon and their ministry, The Berean Call,  through their radio broadcasts called  ‘Search the Scriptures Daily.  At the time, they were discussing the topics from their book Seduction of Christianity, which I found to be fascinating.

From the back cover:

“The Bible clearly states that a great Apostasy must occur before Christ’s Second Coming.  Today Christians are being deceived by a new world view more subtle and more seductive than anything the world ever experienced.  What are the dangers in the growing acceptance and practice of–

  • positive and possibility thinking
    healing of memories
    self-help philosophies
    holistic medicine

The Seduction of Christianity will not appear as a frontal assault or oppression of our religious beliefs.  Instead, it will come as the latest “fashionable philosphies” offering to make us happier, healthier, better educated, even more spiritual. 

A compelling look at the times we live in.  A clear call to evey believer to choose between the Original and the counterfeit.  Only then can we hope to escape…The Seduction of Christianity.”


The fourteen chapters include topics such as:

  • Paganism in Modern Dress
    An Official World Religion
    Roots of Seduction
    Tomorrow the World

One particulary interesting portion in chapter four, ‘An Official World Religion’ speaks of  ‘The Coming World Government.’  Hunt and McMahon state, “[i]t is no longer a question of whether but when humanity will be united both economically and politically under a one-world government.”    (pg.49){emphasis in the original} 

Considering the current state of our world and while reflecting on this book review, I find their words eerily prophetic. 

They continue,

“Even Ronald Reagan, who was supposedly an outsider bringing new faces into government, immediately following his victory in 1979 appointed “a ‘transition team’ which would later select, screen and recommend appointees for major administration posts…of fifty-nine…[on] that team, twenty-eight were members of CFR, ten belonged to the secret and elite Bilderberg group, and no less than ten were Trilaterals.”  (pg. 50)

This quote was particulary interesting considering Judy’s recent post on the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the New World Order.  You can read that article here.

Here’s another fascinating excerpt from the last chapter of the book, ‘Tomorrow the World’:

“Two factions are now emerging within the church.  One side adheres to the belief that an apostasy is coming for the church in the last days, and with it a great tribulation and God’s judgment for the world.  We are to rescue as many as we can before it is too late, calling them to citizenship in heaven.  On the other side are those, equally sincere, who see the primary call of the church as solving social, economic, and political problems.  Although they are also concerned to see souls saved, the conversion of the masses provides the means for taking over the world for Christ, taking dominion back from Satan, and thereby establishing the kingdom in order that Christ might return as king to reign at last. 
      Within the latter group are two divergent factions whose goals are beginning to sound more and more alike.  Christian socialists hope for a redistribution that will share what the wealthy have with the poor, while the success-oriented Christians of the Positive Confession or Faith Movement hope to make everyone wealthy.   From their increasingly isolated corner, the fundamentalists warn that neither will succeed because the world is heading for a great tribulation climaxing in the Battle of Armageddon, which will involve the return of Christ to rescue Israel, to stop the destruction, and to set up His kingdom.  There is a growing rejection within the church of this fundamentalist scenario as negative, “gloom-and-doom” eschatology.”  (pg. 215-216)

Considering that this book was written over 20 years ago, this seems prophetic in light of current events.  Familiar words are heard in the news today, ‘transition team’, and ‘redistribution of wealth’, and ‘elitists’.    

Judy writes more about some of these ‘divergent factions’ in her post, ‘Introducing…Dominion Theology.’   Which you can read here.

This book opened my eyes.   Also, it forced me to look to the Scriptures to clarify my personal beliefs concerning eschatology.  Many churches today have leaders who avoid teaching this topic because it can be quite challenging.   However,  we should remember in Paul’s epistle to the Colossians, he admonishes, “[see] to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world rather than according to Christ.”  (Col. 2:8) 

We must be Bereans!  (Acts17:11)  I think this book will help.