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For today…December 29, 2008

Outside my window…a crisp, clear morning with the early light of a lovely sunrise.

Around my house…lingering bits & pieces of Christmas decorations and gifts and a tidy kitchen thanks to my loving husband and dutiful son.

From the learning room…a full day of Home Economics including lessons from the sewing room, automobile shop and laundry room. 

From the kitchen…a list of hors d’oeuvres for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

I am remembering…a week of highs and lows which not only included our intimate, family Christmas, but also a short illness, high-powered dress-making with a frantic trip to the fabric shop, a quiet lunch on the front porch with my  husband, and an exciting day at a local, historical park. 

I am thankful for…these solitary moments to reflect on God’s gracious blessings and His perfect mercy.

A few plans for the week…all decorations packed away, lots of ‘catch-up’ house cleaning, some family ping-pong games, and lots of blogging.  😉

One of my favorite things…a Shutterfly photo book that my children created for me as a gift.  Precious memories that I will always treasure!

Looking back on 2008…I clearly see the LORD’s Hand guiding my life and the lives of my family which gives me a stronger faith in His Sovereignty.

My hope for 2009…that each new day will bring us closer to seeing the Face of our Savior.


A picture thought to share…one year closer to heaven.