bow_4414c2Over the last few days, I have read the writings of a number of people who remind us of the most important truth about Christmas. 

Yesterday, Judy, at The Simple Front Porch, posted a wonderful message  about fully understanding the ‘mystery of God‘  through Christ.  

Also, in my local, county paper, Pastor Rick Crookshank wrote a powerful missive explaining the true meaning of the Christmas gift, namely that Jesus is God.   He makes the point that many people, in this post-modern culture, “are more apt to have thoughts regarding the nature and mission of Jesus Christ at Christmas than at any other time of the year. ” 

Some of these ‘thoughts’ may include:

  • “forsaking greed to emulate the selfless example of gift-giving”
  • “plea for mankind to honor the spirit of peace and harmony”
  • “be thankful for our blessings and be thoughtful of others less fortunate.”

These ideas are all “good applications and worthy reminders of higher values relevant to all mankind.”   However, the pastor rightly informs us that none of these messages communicates the “salvific, life-redeeming message of Christmas.”  He continues, “the prophetic Name given for Jesus is ‘Emmanuel, God with us.’  It is precisely this truth, Jesus is God…which is the true meaning of the Christmas gift.”

“Simply put, the significance of the Father’s gift is ‘God with us’ in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus is fully God… he was born to die that we may live…a God-sized task.” 


Lord, grant us hearts to focus on the true meaning of the Christmas gift.   Amen.