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This ideas speaks deeply to my heart!  Having a simple Christmas celebration with Christ at the center is my desire for my family. 

For the past two years I have struggled with what Christmas has become for us.  Despite any effort to focus on Christ’s birth and its meaning, the world’s materialism seems to creep in and flourish. 

      Christmas trees have become so expensive!  Cut-your-own start at $50! 

             My children are worried about having enough money to buy presents!

                     The season has become more of an obligation to give gifts!

So this year we will… 

…scale back on decorating

…give more handmade gifts

 …no Advent wreaths or calendars

 …more Scripture reading about Zacharias & Elizabeth,  Joseph & Mary

 …more discussions about who Jesus is and why He had to come

 …give our time to community service

 …love our neighbors, friends and family

Now that sounds more like a God-honoring Christmas, to me!