writers-blockI’m stuck! 

I can’t seem to come up with an idea for a decent blog post; one that will point to Christ; one that will leave a lasting fragrance of truth. 

Don’t get me wrong!  I have lots of thoughts running through my head.  They keep swirling around and around doing nothing.  No cohesiveness, no creativity, no shape….just thoughts.  Which ones are worthy to write about?

Writing has never been a strength for me.  I do not have the talent to put to paper a series of thoughts that seem to flow with ease so the readers will understand and enjoy.  There are many who can, though, like Judy over at The Simple Front Porch, who cranked out a number of posts yesterday!  Or Kelly at Generation Cedar…who seems to be able to hit the nail on the proverbial head with her points.  How about Mrs. June Fuentes’ blog called A Wise Woman Builds Her Home?  She has such a beautiful way with words as well as a lovely ambiance to her site! 

Check out these ladies’ sites today while I attempt to pull my creative juices out of neutral.