42-17249832In our family Bible study we have been working through 1 Samuel.  This book focuses on the lives of Samuel, Saul and the early years of David.  We are specifically interested in David’s character, the Psalms that he wrote while being pursued by Saul and the way God handles the sins of Saul and David.  It has proven to be an exciting study and we have all enjoyed learning many new things.

Yesterday, I was going through some of the ‘clutter’ that had accumulated in the back pages of my Bible when I came across a slip of paper with some notes on it about David.  Apparently, I had written down some thoughts concerning David and Saul and had stuck it in my Bible for later reflection. 

             Here is what my notes said: 

David is a ‘type’ of Jesus who was annointed ‘King’ long before he actually took the throne.  While waiting for his reign to begin, David hid from sinful Saul, who is a ‘type’ of Israel. David always stayed just outside of Saul’s reach; he even had the opportunity to kill Saul but chose not to, hoping Saul would stop pursuing him (repenting).  Saul thought he was doing the will of God, but, instead, turned to pagan ways to get his answers when God was silent. 

What fascinating insight! 

           I am sure I must have heard a teaching on the subject.  I wish I knew who I was listening to!

Any thoughts, Ladies?