bible-and-candle1Many times when I am reading Scripture there are passages that just do not make sense.  Jesus explained most of His parables to His disciples privately so their ‘ears would hear’.  The parable of the cloth and wine skins, however, was one that Jesus did not explain. 

As I continue to work my way through the Gospel of Mark I discovered a passage of Scripture that, at one point, had been boxed with a big question mark next to it.  Apparently, the last time I visited these verses I did not understand this parable.  So….I slowed down a bit to get a better idea. 

Here’s the scenerio:   Jesus has just chosen Levi, the tax collector, to follow Him as a disciple.  In those days, the Jews regarded tax collectors as outcasts.  When Jesus was found later by the scribes and Pharisees eating a meal at Levi’s house they began to question Jesus.  They specifically wanted to know why His disciples were not fasting along with John’s disciples and themselves.  Jesus proceeded to compare His disciples to guests of the bridegroom at a wedding and continued with the parable of the cloth and the wine skin.  (Mark 2:14-22)

This time around, I seemed to get a better idea of the LORD’s meaning.  I wrote my thoughts in the margin of my Bible.  Was the parable like an analogy that the old wine skins (Pharisees) could not accept the new wine (true meaning of fasting)?  Would the Pharisees not be able to understand that Jesus is the Bridegroom? 

            I need my iron sharpened, Sisters! 

                                  Is this what is meant by the parable?

                                                                What are your thoughts?