6a00e54f14494b8834010535dafe21970b-800wiStephanie, over at Keeper of the Home, has a wonderful blog for wives and mothers to visit.  Part of this blog includes a ‘carousel’.  ‘What’s a carousel, you ask?  Well, other bloggers get ‘onboard’ this carousel and share thoughts on a similar theme.  This one happens to be ‘Living Simply Saturdays’.  ‘Simple’ ideas to share about life, being a mom, etc.  My lovely sister-in-law, Judy, invited me to join so here are my Simple Saturday thoughts……

Saturdays in my home usually start off slowly and quietly.  My husband, John, and I enjoy taking a hot cup of coffee onto the front porch to spend time catching up while experiencing the beauty of the woods around us.  The children are allowed to wake up at their own pace and read or play until their tummies encourage them to wander downstairs.  Often they will grab a bowl of cereal and join us on the porch and we have an impromptu family gathering. 

These simple blessings from God are a perfect example of how awesome He is! 

        “I will sing praise to the LORD God of Israel”  (Judges 5:3)

   “Let the peoples praise You, O God;  Let all the peoples praise You.”  (Psalm 67:3) 

Today, I simply want to live my life as an offering of praise to my God, Jesus Christ.  May the LORD grant you simple blessings today!